What is the KentuckyWired Middle Mile Project?

The KentuckyWired Middle Mile plan was contracted by the Commonwealth of Kentucky to bring over 3,400 miles of high-speed, high-capacity fiber optic Internet connectivity to its 120 counties. KentuckyWired will significantly improve connectivity, increase speeds, and offer some of the fastest broadband capacity in the United States, helping to break down geographic and financial barriers to education and economic development, and help connect Kentuckians to the world.  Once completed, Kentucky will be the first state with Fiber Optic connectivity offered in every county.

A Public-Private Partnership (P3) with Macquarie Capital and a team of market specialists was created to develop the robust and reliable fiber “backbone” infrastructure. Ledcor Group of Companies and Overland Contracting Inc., a Black & Veatch Company, make up the Design Build Team (NG-KIH DBLLC Contractors) and have signed definitive agreements rolling up to the Commonwealth to help develop, design, and build the network.  KentuckyWired is currently the largest P3 Telecom project in the United States. Ledcor will operate and maintain the network for the next 30 years.


Staff Feature of the Month – April 2019

Name: Parth Patel

Role on the Project: Utility Coordinator / Project Facilitator – Aerial Make Ready

My Story:  I was born in Ahmedabad, one of the major cities in India. I completed my education in Electronics &Telecommunications engineering from Gujrat University and moved to the U.S.A. in 2010 with my parents. I enjoy being with family and in the company of friends. I like to travel and explore new places. I have been to U.A.E., U.K. & Maldives apart from the U.S.A. to visit prominent landmarks in the world and enjoy natural beauty. I would like to go to the Arctic Circle to enjoy the mesmerizing views of “Aurora Borealis”. In addition, I am a big fan Cricket and tennis. On weekends, I often go to UK Cricket Club for playing professional cricket matches.

I arrived in the city of Lexington, Kentucky and started working in an e-commerce industry as Process Assistant. Thereafter, I decided to change my career path towards construction project management after developing the interest in construction industry. I used to perform freelance project scheduling for one of my family member’s construction business. I always give preference to maintaining balance between my personal life and professional life which I think this job is helping me towards. I always desired to be in a situation that will push my boundaries and enable me to grow by widening my horizons which I achieved by working as a Project Facilitator at DBLLC.

Why I joined the DBLLC:  I joined the KIH project in May 2018 as a “Project Facilitator” and am learning the every day nuances of telecommunication construction. One of the motivations for joining the DBLLC on the KIH project is that I can make a significant contribution to the community I live in by increasing the reach of technology in the state of Kentucky.  Also, by gaining experience of working with two construction industry giants, which will lead to my professional growth.

Construction Feature

5 Star Electric LLC recently became a business partner by joining the KentuckyWired project and demonstrating a commitment to the Employee Involvement Program (EIP). The EIP is designed to give employees an anonymous voice by observing construction activities, while looking for opportunities. A big thanks to 5 Star Electric LLC for their efforts!