1,000,000 Hours Incident Free

The KentuckyWired project reached an impressive milestone in September with Zero Lost Time Incidents in over 1 million person-hours worked on the project.  It is the largest P3 (Public-Private Partnership) Telecom project in the United States.  Upon completion, KentuckyWired will consist of over 3,400 miles of fiber optic cable serving more than 1,000 network sites statewide.

The project brought together two mature, telecom engineering and construction organizations, Ledcor and Black & Veatch – each with their own robust safety programs – to form a joint venture call NG-KIH Design Build LLC (DBLLC).  Three years ago, the DBLLC team collaborated to create a comprehensive Project Hazard Assessment (PHA) and Project Specific Safety Program (PSSP).  Through this early collaboration, the best available tools, templates and training, and continuously walking the talk, the DBLLC has created a strong project safety culture.

This monumental safety achievement was made possible by the participation of more than 1,200 staff, with 528 of those being DBLLC employees who have gone through the DBLLC Safety Orientation Program to work on the project since inception.  More than 565 Safety Scorecard observations have been performed on working crews to date, with an average score of 96.17%.  In some cases, our business partners apply elements of the DBLLC safety program into other opportunities outside of the project, demonstrating further evidence of the success of the program.

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