Safety Week – 2018

Every minute of every day we are dedicated to thinking, planning and acting safely. This continual dedication to Safety is celebrated annually by our participation in Construction Safety Week activities.

This year’s Safety Week was May 7th through May 11th with this year’s theme being The Power of Safe Choices. At our Kentucky Wired offices, we started each day with a Safety Meeting highlighting various self-paced activities ranging from simple (quizzes, a puzzle and a maze) to our slightly more ambitious Safety Week Treasure Hunt. As individual’s schedules and workloads allowed, people enjoyed engaging with these fun activities. 

Among our quizzes we included Bulletin Board Safety Slogan Pop-Quiz. Each morning, the Safety Slogan was changed on all bulletin boards. Later in the day, when a random name was drawn, our team member had a chance to win a small prize if they could correctly say the day’s Safety Slogan. For example, Friday’s Bulletin Board Safety Slogan was Safety is a value, not just a priority. Because priorities can be, and often are, changed by outside influences. Our values however, remain firm, and cannot easily be changed by outside influences

In our Treasure Hunt, professionals formed teams to locate and photograph various Safety items around our offices e.g. our AED, First Aid Stations, Fire-Extinguishers, Shelter-in-Place locations, Emergency Evacuation Muster Points, etc. This fun exercise proved to add great value by engaging newer team-members to become more familiar with specific emergency safety resources in our offices.

Additionally, two morning meetings were hosted by guest speakers. Tuesday, Fire Fighters from the Lexington Fire Department  presented Fire Extinguisher Safety. They facilitated an engaging conversation on fire prevention and also brought a Fire Extinguisher Simulator providing a hands-on experience for our professionals. On Thursday we had Gayle Walters of Central Kentucky Damage Prevention Council. Damage Prevention Councils have been formed throughout the state in an effort to raise awareness about safe excavation practices and serve as a resource to help address damage prevention issues. Gayle spoke to our team not only about safe excavations of the project, but also about safe excavations at home, whether it be gardening, fencing, home improvement and yard projects.

Being mindful that these activities were mostly self-paced and completed during breaks, while work load and schedule allowed, we had great participation. Since we remain continually dedicated to Safety throughout the year we still have a few activities initiated in Safety week, yet to enjoy. For instance, on Monday during our Weekly Toolbox Talk Safety Meeting, we’ll each have fun signing this year’s Kentucky Wired Safety Week poster as our annually refreshed, commitment to Safety. Also, next week we will be offering Adult First Aid / CPR / AED Training to our professionals who’ve joined the project since the last time training was offered.  

This Kentucky Wired project is fully engaged in Safety as a value. There is often recognition of this commitment to safety, by professionals, crews and contractors. Check back frequently, for future updates.

Thank you. 

P.S. One of definition of Values is Principles or standards of behavior; one’s judgement of what is important in life.


DBLLC is Glowing Orange

The DBLLC is Glowing Orange to show support for National Work Zone Awareness Week, April 9-13, 2018.  We are committed to safely returning our workers and those traveling through work zones to their loved ones each and every day.  By doing our part, we can make our commitment a reality.  You can help by being alert while driving without distractions in a work zone.  Also, driving the designated lower speeds posted in work zones helps prevent accidents.  SAFE DRIVERS + SAFE WORKERS = SAFE WORK ZONES!!

KentuckyWired Safety Performance

The KentuckyWired project is the first of its kind in the United States. The execution of the KentuckyWired project brought together two mature organizations that have robust safety programs. The DBLLC team was able to organize the joint venture (JV) structure and created an inclusive PSSP and project hazard assessment (PHA) over the last two years. The JV structure also afforded the project the opportunity to cross-pollinate safety program tools, templates, and training to create a project safety culture that everyone is proud of. The KentuckyWired network will consist of more than 3,000 miles of fiber optic cable serving over 1,000 network sites statewide. To construct the KentuckyWired network, there limitations were put in place for the selection of subcontractors who would be performing the scopes of work. The development efforts have benefited the project and have educated the team for future successes for both companies, including:

  • – 17 months with only one injury requiring medical treatment that calculates into a Total Recordable Injury Frequency rate of 0.24
  • – 833,795 hours worked on the project to-date, without a lost-time injury
  • – 807 employees participated in DBLLC Safety Orientation project to date
  • – 48 Business Partners have combined efforts to construct the KentuckyWired project
  • – Successful implementation of a behavior-based “Employee Involvement Program,” where 2,035 cards were submitted


The KentuckyWired Project will install over 3400 miles of Fiber Optic Cable throughout the Commonwealth, creating a “Middle Mile” to all 120 counties in Kentucky.  And, the DBLLC is ready with  12.2 Million Feet of Fiber Optic Cable in Market.  As the Construction portion of the project gears up, you may expect to see crews at several locations in Rings 1A, 1B and 2.  Additionally, in the upcoming months they will be working in Rings 3, 4 and 5, as well.  It is an exciting time for Kentucky!




The NG-KIH DBLLC raised $1,360, with more to come with company matches from Ledcor and Black&Veatch, to help battle Men’s Health issues with their Movember Drive.  The brave participants agreed to grow facial hair throughout the month of November with sponsorships from employees of the DBLLC.  At the end of the month, an auction was held to pick a beard type the participant would have to reveal the next day.



And, what a reveal it was!  A big “THANK YOU” to all of the participants who brought awareness to the issues men face regarding their health and to all of the employees who supported their efforts with financial donations.


Dozens of Beards, Love Locks and Chops are being grown throughout the month of November to honor Men’s Health Month.  Several of the brave men of the DBLLC have agreed to shave their faces clean and allow their facial hair to grow for the month of November to help “change the face of men’s health.”  To learn more about Movember go to

Other members of the DBLLC are participating by sponsoring our team’s wooly efforts.  If you are interested in supporting the DBLLC Team, you may make a contribution at

Time is measured in Days, Weeks and Beards… Good Luck Gentlemen!

Chili Cook-off for a Cause

The DBLLC put their money where their mouth is, hosting a Chili Cook-Off to raise funds for the Salvation Army Hurricane Disaster Relief Fund.  The group raised $445, with a company match making their total contribution $990!  There were several entries, with the top honors going to:  Kari Walrich, 1st Place; Lilly Neal, 2nd Place; and Susan Johnson, 3rd Place, not to mention the bragging rights the victors get to enjoy, as well.  Great job by all of the participants, those who cooked and those who ate for a worthy cause.