KentuckyWired Safety Performance

The KentuckyWired project is the first of its kind in the United States. The execution of the KentuckyWired project brought together two mature organizations that have robust safety programs. The DBLLC team was able to organize the joint venture (JV) structure and created an inclusive PSSP and project hazard assessment (PHA) over the last two years. The JV structure also afforded the project the opportunity to cross-pollinate safety program tools, templates, and training to create a project safety culture that everyone is proud of. The KentuckyWired network will consist of more than 3,000 miles of fiber optic cable serving over 1,000 network sites statewide. To construct the KentuckyWired network, there limitations were put in place for the selection of subcontractors who would be performing the scopes of work. The development efforts have benefited the project and have educated the team for future successes for both companies, including:

  • – 17 months with only one injury requiring medical treatment that calculates into a Total Recordable Injury Frequency rate of 0.24
  • – 833,795 hours worked on the project to-date, without a lost-time injury
  • – 807 employees participated in DBLLC Safety Orientation project to date
  • – 48 Business Partners have combined efforts to construct the KentuckyWired project
  • – Successful implementation of a behavior-based “Employee Involvement Program,” where 2,035 cards were submitted

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