Safety & Quality







NG-KIH Design-Build LLC strives for excellence and continual improvement of our products and services. It is the goal of the DBLLC to deliver a quality product, satisfying in all respects the quality-related requirements of the Design-Build Agreement. We maintain quality through continuous review and audit function to verify that the work is carried out in accordance with approved procedures and processes.

Our approach supports that all individuals perform their work with a personal commitment to achieving project quality goals and objectives. Every employee is empowered and responsible to ensure the quality of his or her own work. Every supervisor is accountable to ensure each crewmember has training and skills to produce quality work.

The quality objectives of NG-KIH Design-Build LLC are to:

  • – Implement, maintain, and continually improve a comprehensive project Quality Management System.
  • – Communicate openly and honestly with Operations Co and the Commonwealth regarding quality.
  • – Ensure quality control verification by performing in-process and final inspections.
  • – Continuously strive to avoid schedule impacts and reduce the amount and cost of rework on the Project by identifying problems and taking corrective action in a timely and effective manner.
  • – Hold ourselves and our subcontractors accountable by following up on assessments, audits results, and continually improving our performance.