Name:  Shawn E. Kay

Role on the Project:  Lead Construction Manager Outside Plant (LCM OSP)

My Story:  Shawn is motivated by the desire for constant improvement; even though he has done a good job today, he always wants to do a better job tomorrow. He has been married to Tammy for six years, has two daughters attending college, and has a spoiled Basset Hound named Lemon. He is a five-year veteran of the United States Marine Corp and has 17 years of telecom experience.

Shawn is originally from Morehead, Kentucky, where he attended Morehead State University. All of his formal education occurred in Kentucky, and he lives and works in Lexington.

Why I choose the DBLLC:  Shawn volunteered to be a part of the Kentucky Wired project as soon as he heard the job had been awarded. Being from Kentucky, he knew instinctively it was a project that would benefit the Commonwealth, and he wanted to do his part to help Kentucky become a top-tier state with broadband access rivaling any other state. Having traveled and lived in various regions in the world, Shawn came to realize the need for fast access to the Internet and the opportunities it would afford people.

Shawn started out as a quality inspector with DBLLC, but he volunteered to become a field construction manager to lend his experience and fill a need he saw on the project. He was promoted to lead construction manager not long after, and he has been leading the charge ever since.

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