Staff Feature of the Month – July 2019

Name: David Holder

Role on the Project: Field Engineering Manager

My Story:  I was born and raised in Central Kentucky where I learned to love everything outdoors. As a child camping, fishing, hunting, and watching Kentucky Basketball were my favorite past times. As an adult I went on to complete a degree in Drafting & Design as well as Civil Engineering Technology. After a short period of working for the KYTC, I began looking for more in my career which landed me at Big Ass Fans for a couple of years. In August of 2015 I began doing pole data collections for the DBLLC and since then I have held roles in comm make ready, power make ready, field construction, and now field engineering.

Why you joined the DBLLC:  I joined the DBLLC to pursue opportunities that will shape my career for the rest of my life. My parents were born and raised in Eastern Kentucky and I know how much this state needs to get up to speed with the rest of the world. Hopefully, at the end we can all say that we were a part of something great, something that changes Kentucky forever.

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