Staff Feature of the Month – August 2019

Name:  Jason Parrett

Role on the Project:  Project Coordinator, helping track production and working with the project schedule

My Story:   I grew up in a small farm town in Ohio where I worked as a construction laborer until I moved to Kentucky to go to school at Eastern Kentucky University for a B.S. in Construction Management. After graduating, I stayed in Kentucky to live and work on the KentuckyWired project. I am and avid outdoorsman and enjoy hunting and fishing, both in the Bluegrass as well as taking hunting trips to western states.

Why I joined the DBLLC:   I joined this project because it is unique due to its very large scale, and I feel I will be able to learn a lot and start my career out with a great base to grow on. Kentucky has a lot of potential, with a great workforce and lots of smart people, and this project will be a great tool that everyone can use to move forward together and impact the state in a positive way.


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