Staff Feature of the Month – November 2018

Name:  Jerry Duncan

Role on the Project:  Project Facilitator

My Story:  Born and raised in Central Kentucky, I have watched this community grow and prosper over time.   I feel very fortunate to have traveled across Kentucky and experienced the diversity of people, places, and unbridled beauty the Bluegrass state offers.  I am very fond of the summers I had growing up because I got to help my grandfather survey the rolling hills around the small town of Bucksville in southwestern Kentucky or spend a couple weeks exploring the big city of Louisville and the Ohio River with my other grandparents.

I am motivated by the essential values of life experience – family, God, and work ethic – and I will always succeed in life, meet new friends, and travel to new places with these values in mind.

Why I choose the DBLLC:  I am a very curious person, who is always trying to challenge myself to continue learning new technologies and new methods of communication; that is why I am very proud to be part of the DBLLC and the Kentucky Wired Project.  Essentially that is the purpose of this project – to better connect the Commonwealth and provide opportunities for individuals to learn, achieve, and watch their own community prosper – however big or small it may be.

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